Anne Hathaway Puppy

Anne Hathaway holding puppy at the end of the movie Get Smart. The kind of puppy is Gator Mouth Pit Bull. Gator Mouth Pit Bull.

Anne Hathaway signed "The Opposite of Love" film

Anne Hathaway ActressAnne Hathaway has signed on to appear in a film adaptation of the Julie Buxbaum novel The Opposite of Love, the 2010 Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, and the Warner Bros.

This is romantic comedy The Fiance, in which Anne Hathaway will play a woman who ends her seemingly perfect engagement, only to have her overzealous parents try to get her back together with her ex.

Wait and see ... :)

Anne Hathaway haircut

Pic 1 Get SmartGet Smart

Pic 2 The Devil Wears PradaThe Devil Wears Prada

I really like Anne Hathaway haircut in the Devil Wears Prada, but Get Smart was a better movie. I like the short hair she had in Get Smart a little too. :D but she's gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she has!


Anne Hathawaz Halloween costume

Anne HathawayWell... Are you going to show a HALLOWEEN COSTUME party so like Anne hathaway?

You should go as fan girl

-black sequined dress, head wrap with feather attached to it

- Marie Antoinette and you can wear a really lacy fancy dress with a curly wig with little accesories in it like roses or little fake birds that you can get from a crafts store(that's like what they put in there hair in those days)

-A peasant girl and you can wear a dress with a corset bodice and you could wear an apron

-a fairy would be cute because you can wear a bright dress that can be short, but not too short and it can have little puff sleeves and you can wear your hair curly with flowers entwined in it, and lastly get really pretty wings.


Anne Hathaway : It hurts to watch Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway Hottest It hurts to watch Rachel Getting Married because it captures, better than any film of recent vintage, the wild emotional undulations of life in a dysfunctional family.

It hurts to watch Rachel Getting Married because addicts are inevitably selfish, and movies about them are inevitably claustrophobic.

It hurts to watch Rachel Getting Married because Anne Hathaway is rawer, bluer, meaner, truer, more broken than you've ever seen her — than you've ever seen just about anyone portraying a lost soul in recovery.

It hurts to watch Rachel Getting Married because Bill Irwin, the actor playing her father, seems to split down the middle as we watch. It hurts because Rosemarie DeWitt, as the Rachel getting married, conveys without an ounce of malice the outrage and exhaustion of loving someone who's so far off from normal. And it hurts because our joy at seeing the warm, familiar face of Debra Winger turns to shock when her calibrated performance — as a detached mater familias — abruptly kicks into hellfire-spitting fury.


Does anyone else hate Anne Hathaway?

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayI think Anne Hathaway is so gross! I literally can't stand seeing her on TV. A commercial of Anne's came on for some perfume and my stomach turned. She is just nasty.

Anne Hathaway has a huge horse mouth. She is just gross. I am not saying that Hathaway is not a sweet girl, she probably is, I just hate when people try portray her as a sexy actress. She has a very awkward look about her.

Right on crazy. That is EXACTLY what I was saying. I never said Anne Hathaway could not act, or that she is a mean person. I don't personally know her, Im simply talking about having to look at her, and having her pushed on me as a sexy actress when she is clearly NOT

Most people are talking about her character...sure, she's sweet, succesful, humble, more down to earth than most hollywood actresses...

But when it comes to Anne hathaway's looks, I totally agree. Anne Hathaway has a very awkward presence. Looking at her, I am not sure whether she's pretty or ugly, something about her looks weird.

And i can not agree more, portraying her as sexy is just wrong. She might be portrayed as a lot of things, but sexy is not one of them...


Anne Hathaway: Personal life

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway enjoys interior design and reading as pastimes. Hathaway has cited Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged as her favorite novels, as well as Jane Austen's Persuasion Anne Hathaway is a firm believer in education and has stated that if she were a princess like her breakthrough character, she would "make it mandatory that all six-year-olds know how to read." She enjoys music and has stated that she is a fan of a wide variety of music, from Judy Garland to Rilo Kiley to Blonde Redhead. Perhaps most of all, Anne Hathaway has a strong love of film and has credited the 1958 film Auntie Mame starring Rosalind Russell with her decision to become a professional actress. Anne Hathaway calls Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts her favorite movie stars, and says even she is easily starstruck. She is also a self-proclaimed Steve Carrell fan and adores TV's The Office'.

Anne Hathaway has stated that she isn't in the entertainment industry to be famous, but simply because she loves to create.

In early 2007, Anna Hathaway spoke of her experiences with depression during her teenage years, and said that she eventually overcame the disorder without medication.

In regard to personal strife and subsequent media attention, Hathaway's self-subscribed mantra is a quote by Oscar Wilde: "The less said about life's sores the better."

Anna Hathaway has said that not much is stated about her personal life because she has problems being open in interviews, but is "learning."

Anne Hathaway is involved with the Lolipop Theater Network, a program that screens films to critically ill children. In 2008, she hosted a special screening of Get Smart for teenagers, and has also shown The Devil Wears Prada. She is also involved with St. Jude events, as well as the Human Rights Campaign and the StepUp Women's Network.

In 2004, Anna Hathaway began a relationship with Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri. During their relationship, Hathaway took part in the development of the charitable Follieri Foundation, serving as a financial donor as well as a member of the foundation's board of directors for an undisclosed amount of time. A Manhattan-based charity founded in 2003 focusing on programs such as providing vaccinations for children in Third-World nations, the organization had come under investigation in early June 2008 by the IRS, reportedly for failing to file tax papers required from non-profit organizations. Citing the fear that this and other ongoing legal issues involving Follieri would become detrimental to her acting career, as well as for her own ethical reasons, Hathaway ended her relationship with Follieri in mid-June 2008.

On June 24, 2008, Follieri was arrested on fraud charges for allegedly fleecing investors out of millions of dollars in a scheme involving purchasing Catholic properties in the U.S. for re-development. The FBI alleged that he posed as a financial representative of the Vatican and had duped people into investing in his fraudulent fund as recently as May 2008. Court papers state that Hathaway was an unwitting beneficiary of the stolen money which had in large part paid for Follieri's opulent lifestyle of jet-setting, shopping sprees and fine dining. On July 24, 2008, it was reported that the FBI had confiscated Hathaway's private journals from Follieri's New York City apartment as part of their ongoing investigation into Follieri's activities.

Currently, She is not facing any charges in regards to the allegations brought against either Follieri or the Follieri Foundation, and has reportedly cut off all contact with him.

For the October 2008 issue of W Magazine, Anne Hathaway spoke for the first time of the break-up. She related that she "spent a week in shock" after the arrest of Follieri, and credited the kindness of friends to her ability to keep working during such difficult times.

On a recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman she stated that she had stopped smoking after what she described was a "stressful summer."

Anne Hathaway: 2005–present: Career transition

Anna Hathaway and The Devil Wears PradaAnne Hathaway began appearing in more dramatic roles after The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Hathaway said that "anybody who was a role model for children needs a reprieve", although she also noted that "it's lovely to think that my audience is growing up with me", a reference to her previous status as a children's actress. She voiced a version of Little Red Riding Hood in Hoodwinked! (2005), which received generally mixed reviews. That same year, Hathaway was cast in the R-rated Havoc (2005), in which she played a spoiled socialite. In a surprise move, Hathaway was featured in several nude and sexual scenes throughout the film. Despite the content of the movie being radically different from her previous films, Hathaway has denied that her role in the film was a blatant attempt to be seen as more of an adult actress, citing her belief that doing nudity in certain movies is merely a part of what her chosen form of art demands of her, and because of that belief she does not consider appearing nude in the appropriate films to be morally objectionable.

After Havoc, Anne Hathaway appeared in the drama Brokeback Mountain (2005), opposite Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, in a role that further displayed a more serious side of Hathaway. Havoc was not released in theaters in the United States (but was later released in other countries) because of its weak critical reception, but Brokeback Mountain won rave reviews for its depiction of a homosexual relationship in the 1960s, and received several Academy Award nominations. Anne Hathaway would later assert that the content of Brokeback Mountain was more important than its award count and also stated that making the film made her more aware of the kind of stories she wanted to tell as an actress.

Her next film was The Devil Wears Prada (2006), in which she starred as an assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor (Meryl Streep, whom Hathaway described as being "just divine"). Hathaway said that working on the film earned her respect in the fashion industry, but she claims that her personal style is something she "can't get right" and instead prefers "doing the things she loves."

In an interview with Us Weekly, Hathaway spoke about her weight loss for the film. "I basically stuck with fruit, vegetables and fish (to slim down for the movie). I wouldn’t recommend that. Emily Blunt and I would clutch at each other and cry because we were so hungry."

Hathaway was initially cast in the 2007 comedy Knocked Up but dropped out before filming began and was replaced by Katherine Heigl. Writer/director Judd Apatow stated in a May 2007 issue of The New York Times Magazine that Hathaway dropped out "because she didn't want to allow us to use real footage of a woman giving birth to create the illusion that she is giving birth." In an August 2008 interview with Marie Claire magazine, Hathaway commented, "I turned down another movie [Knocked Up] because it was going to show a vagina — not mine, but somebody else's — and I didn't believe that it was necessary to the story."

Anne Hathaway was next seen in Becoming Jane, was released in mid-2007, in which Hathaway stars as English writer Jane Austen.

Tim Burton considered Hathaway for the part of Johanna in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, but in the end the role was given to Jayne Wisener, a then-unknown actress, reportedly because Burton decided he wanted an unknown actress for the part.

Anne Hathaway's first film of 2008 was a modern adaptation of the 1960s Mel Brooks television series "Get Smart", in which she starred opposite Steve Carell, Dwayne Johnson, and Alan Arkin. The film was a hit at the box office and received mostly positive reviews, prompting talk of a sequel. She also made a cameo appearance in the spin-off film Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control. In October 2008 she will star in the drama Passengers, alongside Patrick Wilson. She has recently completed the drama Rachel Getting Married, opposite Debra Winger. The film premiered at the 2008 Venice Film Festival to wide acclaim. Hathaway's dark role as a recovering drug addict has already generated Oscar buzz, with the Hollywood Reporter declaring, "An award-worthy Anne Hathaway gives the story a clear central focus." Rival trade publication Variety called her "fragile, angry, superb". Hathaway told Metromix that the film appealed to her because of its real depiction of relationships, "I think that love has a dark side, and I love that this movie explores it and doesn’t try to judge it or presuppose that love and darkness come in the exclusion of each other. Cause that’s life." Hathaway has also finished filming the comedy Bride Wars, in which she will star with Kate Hudson. The film is scheduled to be released on January 9, 2009.

It was announced in January 2008 that Anna Hathaway would be joining beauty giant, Lancôme, as the face of their newest fragrance to be launched in September 2008.She recently completed an ad for the company as the new face of Magnifique.

Anne Hathaway: 1999–2004: Career development

Anne Hathaway in Black dressAnne Hathaway starred in the 1999 FOX television series Get Real for one season, after which it was canceled. Hathaway's first filmed role in a motion picture was as Jean Sabin in The Other Side of Heaven (2001) opposite Christopher Gorham. Before production of Heaven began in New Zealand, she auditioned for the lead role of Mia Thermopolis in the Garry Marshall-directed The Princess Diaries (2001). Hathaway auditioned for the role during a flight layover on the way to New Zealand and won the role after only one audition. Marshall claimed that he loved her immediately because she fell off her chair during the audition and believed her clumsiness would make her perfect for the role. (However, in a 2008 conversation with Steve Carell, Hathaway denied that she fell during this audition, although she openly admits to being a "klutz".) The Princess Diaries was released before The Other Side of Heaven in the hopes that its success would increase interest in Heaven. Across the world, The Princess Diaries was a commercial success and a sequel was planned shortly after. Many critics praised Hathaway's performance in Diaries; a BBC critic noted that "Hathaway shines in the title role and generates great chemistry." The Other Side of Heaven was received weakly by critics, but it performed well for a religious-themed film.

Then In February 2002, Anne Hathaway made her Broadway debut opposite Brian Mitchell in the City Center Encores! production of Carnival! She received positive reviews for her portrayal of Lili; the role demanded both acting and singing and was a continuation of her success as a comic actress.

Anne Hathaway continued to appear in family-oriented films over the next three years and subsequently became known in mainstream media as a children's role model. In 2002, she appeared in Nicholas Nickleby (2002) opposite Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Bell, which opened to positive reviews; the Northwest Herald referred to it as "an unbelievably fun film" and the Deseret News said that the cast was "Oscar-worthy." Despite critical acclaim, the film never entered wide release and failed at the North American box office, totaling less than US$4 million in ticket sales.

Her next film role was as the titular character in Ella Enchanted (2004), the film adaptation of the award-winning novel, which opened to mostly indifferent reviews. Anna Hathaway sang two songs in the film as well as two on the soundtrack, subsequently prompting questions of whether she planned to release an album in the future, to which Hathaway jokingly responded, "I have no desire for world domination through the pop charts."

At last, in 2004 Anna Hathaway was set to star opposite Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera, but was forced to turn down the role due to the movie having a production schedule that overlapped with that of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, which she was contractually obligated to make. Disney began production on The Princess Diaries 2 in early 2004 and it was released in August of that year. The film opened to negative reviews, but still managed to peak higher at the box office than its predecessor, commissioning $95.1 million against a $40 million budget.

Anne Hathaway Early life and career

Anne Hathaway S3xy in Red Dress WOWAnne Hathaway was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Millburn, New Jersey, when Hathaway was 6 years old. She is the daughter of Gerald Hathaway, a lawyer, and Kate McCauley, an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow in her footsteps. Hathaway was named after the wife of playwright William Shakespeare. She has an older brother, Michael, and a younger brother, Thomas. Hathaway has mainly Irish and French ancestry, with more distant German and Native American roots.

Anne Hathaway was raised a Catholic with what she considered "really strong values," and has stated she wanted to be a nun during her childhood. However, at the age of fifteen she decided not to become a nun after learning that her brother Michael was gay. Despite her Catholic upbringing, she felt that she could not be part of a religion that disapproved of her brother's s3xual orientation. She has stated that she is a non-denominational Christian. As a teenager, anne Hathaway actually spent many of her summers going to a Christian camp called Camp Johnsonburg, also known as the Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center.

Anna Hathaway was raised in Millburn, New Jersey. A very intelligent child, Anne was involved in a Montessori program as a preschooler and was then able to enter first grade when she was technically still a kindergartner. Hathaway graduated from Millburn High School where she participated in many school plays. Her high school performance as Winifred in "Once Upon a Mattress" garnered her the New Jersey Rising Star Award nomination for best performance by a high school actress She spent several semesters studying at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York before transferring to New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study.Anne Hathaway was an English major with a minor in Women's Studies, and while attending Vassar participated in the school's all-female a cappella singing group Measure 4 Measure. Hathaway referred to her college enrollment as one of her best decisions because she enjoyed being with others who were trying to "grow up." She was a member of the Barrow Group Theater Company's acting program and was the first teenager ever admitted into the program. She is a trained stage actress and has stated that she prefers appearing on stage to film roles.

As A soprano, Anne Hathaway performed twice in 1998 with the All Eastern U.S. High School Honors Chorus at Carnegie Hall and has performed in plays at Seton Hall Prep in West Orange. Three days after performing at Carnegie Hall, she was cast in the short-lived 1999 television series Get Real.

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway

Anna Hathaway Dinner 7 JulyAnne Jacqueline Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982. She is an American actress. Hathaway made her acting debut in the 1999 television series Get Real, but her first prominent role was in Disney's family comedy The Princess Diaries (2001) starring opposite Julie Andrews, which established her career. She continued to appear in family films over the next three years, and she had the lead roles in Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (both 2004).

Anne Hathaway later ventured away from the "G-rated" image her early acting career bestowed upon her, starring in the adult-themed films Havoc and Brokeback Mountain, both of which featured her topless. She later starred in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) opposite Meryl Streep and in Becoming Jane (2007), in which she portrays Jane Austen. Her most recent movie, Get Smart, in which she plays the character Agent 99, was released in June 2008 and is currently the second highest-grossing film of her career.

Hathaway acting style has been compared to that of Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn and she cites Hepburn as her favorite actress and Streep as her idol. People magazine named her one of 2001's breakthrough stars and in 2006 she was listed as one of the world’s 50 Most Beautiful People.

Anna Hathway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway in 2008
Born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway
November 12, 1982 (1982-11-12) (age 25)
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Years active 1999—present

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